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Edog - 3D Printed Parts

Edog - 3D Printed Parts

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Custom-colored 3D prints, ready-made for immediate assembly!

Our 3D Printed Parts Kit offers a seamless solution for robotics enthusiasts eager to skip the printing process. You'll receive pre-printed, high-quality components in your chosen color, compatible with SG90 or MG90 servo motors. This kit includes all the necessary parts to build your Quadruped Robot, crafted to ensure a smooth and easy assembly experience. Ideal for hands-on creators, it's designed for direct assembly, allowing you to bring your robotic companion to life with ease.
Order now, assemble, and watch your Edog robot come to life!

In the Box

All the 3D Parts required to build your very own Quadruped Robot using MG90S motors !

  • Frame
  • Side Plate
  • Femur
  • Tibia Right & Tibia Left
  • Top Cap

Usefull Links

Official Website:
Documentation: *coming soon*
Instagram: @solidmakers_official
Youtube: @SolidMakers
Discord: *coming soon*

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Why Choose Edog Kit?

Designed for You
Select the perfect kit to match your resources and dive into robotics. Own a 3D printer? Simply download the 3D files and start building. Need the full gear? Get everything you need from us. Our kits are tailored for every level of expertise and budget, ensuring you have just what you need to begin your journey into robotics. Your path to innovation just became more personal.

Unleash Creativity
Embark on a creative journey. Share your ideas with our community, collaborate on projects, and create together. It's direct, it's hands-on, it's your opportunity to innovate.

Learn & Grow
Acquire invaluable experience and knowledge not just in robotics but also in 3D printing, electronics, mechanics, and computer science, further enhancing your skills and understanding of these fascinating fields.

Support & Community
As part of our commitment to your success, gain access to a community of fellow robotics enthusiasts and a wealth of resources to guide you on your building journey.

I've my kit, Then what?

Congratulation ! 🥳

You may want to start with the first tutorial: Step-by-Step Guide: Assembling Your Quadruped Robot

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